Raven Guard Primarch Corax

Posted on March 23rd, 2011 Mike 4 comments

I just wrapped up this monster of a model last week; an unofficial sculpt of Raven Guard Primarch Corax. I did a little conversion work on the model, sculpting new feet for it and giving it a split-tail whip in one hand rather than a second set of Lightning Claws.

An Imperial Fist Space Marine is shown for scale in the last photo.

Primarch Corax Primarch Corax - Left Side
Primarch Corax - Right Side Primarch Corax - Back
Primarch Corax - Scale

4 Responses to “Raven Guard Primarch Corax”

  1. harrison harrison says:

    wow could you do this again or at least tell me how you did it??

    the detail is AWESOME

  2. Mike Cousins Mike says:

    This model took something like 20 hours to paint (the fiddly gold bits on the wings accounting for a lot of that). I really don’t want to describe a 20-hour painting process :P

  3. harry harry says:

    Can I commission a sculpt exactly like that. willing to pay whatever it costs

  4. Mike Cousins Mike says:

    I didn’t sculpt this model, I merely painted it. I’m honestly not sure where my client got it, I know it was shipped to me from Germany but the store name escapes me. Unfortunately I’m still taking very limited commissions and wouldn’t have time for one of this scale.

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